Les Gastrosophes – about fine cooking, avoiding food waste and solidarity with the poor: 244 pages, 169 photos, Hard Cover, fine art print on 150 g/m2, 1,9 kg

Bij Nadine – My first monography: 268 pages, 33×24 cm2, fine art print on 150 g/cm2, 1,1 kg

Photo Magazine Series: 28×22 cm2, Soft Cover

In my photo magazine series the following issues have been published:

  • Moments in a Pandemic – Social distance but also portraits from shootings in Rome, Paris, Leiden and Wuppertal
  • Moments – sensual portraits taken over three years from 13 models, 144 pages
  • From Forms to Colours – the leitmotiv for a photographic search influenced by the Bauhaus design language
  • Sound of Apogee – A band of rocket scientists met to play a concert in the former storage room of an old Bavarian farmhouse from 1381